Watson Marlow


This project describes how SUGOi Solutions supplied and installed local comfort cooling and ventilation to the working areas, complete with cooling and extraction ventilation services to the compressor house at Watson Marlow in Falmouth.


SUGOi Solutions carried out the comfort cooling, ventilation services to the machine kitting room, OEM lab and D&E Electronics lab. The systems comprised a number of LG wall-mounted split systems, with localised end-user controls. For energy purposes and to comply with the Watson Marlow Green Energy Code, SUGOi installed window contacts in order to prevent the air conditioning operating should a window be opened. Within the D&E Electronics lab we also carried out mechanical ventilation, using a LG heat recovery ventilation unit. SUGOi carried out the supply, installation and commissioning, complete with all of the associated ductwork services.

Within the compressor house, the room contained the three compressors that served the factory production area. These were previously overheating, due to the rejected heat from the compressors not being extracted. With a higher ambient air-on temperature in the Summer, these were tripping and causing loss of production. SUGOi Solutions engineered a solution which comprised of all extract air being rejected out via the roof, via rigid ductwork installation, complete with discharge roof cowls. This deals with the issue, during the lower ambient conditions. During the higher ambient conditions, SUGOi installed a local LG wall mounted split system, in order to temper the air during the hotter months.

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