Whilst SUGOi Solutions Ltd is a young and vibrant company the founders have a combined experience of 30 years in the building services industry with the reputation of adopting a "no grief" constructive approach to contracting, avoiding confrontation and claims by promoting co-operation. Its Directors have enjoyed unprecedented client respect and support in previous and now this present venture with the emphasis of "repeat business" the reward for the competitiveness and no grief culture adopted.

Key personnel employed by the Company ensure that SUGOi Solutions Ltd is able to offer to its clients the most experienced management team and with a highly skilled and motivated labour force. Furthermore, as part of the culture of the Company it is of paramount importance that the selection process of any subcontractors is undertaken with care and consideration of our client’s requirements. Accordingly all subcontractors are appointed from a list of proven local contractors with whom we have established a sound working relationship. 

 SUGOi Solutions Ltd are proud to advise, that we have obtained the following accreditation:-

   daikin D1 CYMK